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About Us
For over forty years, Michael has built a solid reputation as one of Brooklyn's most trusted bicycle mechanics. Michael's commitment to providing you with honest and reliable service - quickly and professionally - is what separates him from the competition. He applies to his craft the same attention to detail that has allowed him to race successfully at the state and national level, on both road and track.
Michael has resisted enlarging his business by taking on less-skilled assistants. He controls the quality of his work by doing it all himself - to his high standards.

Michael was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He discovered the joys of riding his bicycle in the mid-1970's and has developed a deep knowledge and understanding of how a bike should perform. He knows what it means to ride day-in and day-out and to rely on your bicycle to get you where you want to go - quickly, efficiently and without problems.
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When Michael is not working on your bike, he relaxes by restoring vintage bikes. See some of his work here.

"My bike is so awesome!
                - Katie Mason, Brooklyn, NY
                   Elite level triathlete 
             Her comment came after a Complete Tune Up
"My bike is amazing. It never rode so well - even when it was new. In all the years that I've been riding, I don't ever remember seeing such a small clearance between the brake pads and the rim - again even when my bikes were new. It was almost totally quiet - just the whir of the wheels..
And of course, you picked up and delivered at the times you said you would."
                - Jeffrey Keltz, Brooklyn, NY

"Whoa...that was fast!  Great price for the work also!"       - D Mark Carter, Brooklyn Velo Force  

"My first ride since you tuned it - GWB to Nyack loop. The bike has never ridden as quiet and smooth. I was really blown away - you're a magician. Thanks!"
                - Morris Benun, Brooklyn, NY

Michael, based on your extra effort, you were rated the best mechanic in my book...now...you are beyond category. Way beyond reasonable expectations;"
                - Cecil Bakalor, Ironman, Brooklyn, NY

"Full disclosure: I’ve known Michael Haddad for years as a friend and fellow cyclist. I never had occasion to ask him to work on my bikes, despite his reputation, until this year. I cannot recommend him highly enough. My carbon BMC looked better after he got through with it than when it was new. Ditto my custom Ti-Carbon Spectrum. And the rides on both are now so sweet I’m not sure which one to ride next! Thanks Michael."
             - Dan Wiener,
             Prospect Peloton webmaster and ride leader

More references upon request

Here's just one example of what you get for your money:
When I replace a shifter cable and housing, you get only the finest, stainless steel cables, which never corrode, and the best quality cable housings that are teflon-lined for smoothness and lasting performance. During installation, each housing is carefully cut and hand-filed square, to seat perfectly in the housing bed. Then each housing opening is filed with a jewelers file to remove burrs that could fray or bind your cable. Finally, each cable is "pre-streteched" after installation, so that the adjustment can be permanently fine-tuned without any breaking-in period. This attention to detail leads to longer lasting cables and reliable shifter adjustments that endure.
I take the time to make each repair or adjustment to perfection. No shake-and-bake repairs here.

As the Italians say:"Lavoro ben fatto" - "Work done well"

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